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Whispering Willows Art Gallery

Promoting Art through Innovative Ideas

Founded in 1981, Whispering Willows Art Gallery is a multidisciplinary, traditional, and contemporary art gallery located in the Walker Historic Art District of Norman, Oklahoma.

Peggy D. Farris manages the gallery’s operations. She brings comprehensive arts and teaching experience along with her surrealistic artwork to the platform. She mainly exhibits her own artworks while also allowing other artists to present their work at her gallery occasionally.


Whispering Willows had a goal to attract a wider audience by promoting contemporary and traditional artworks. The gallery was already doing well in the offline space, but this wasn’t enough to thrive in today’s digital world. Hence arose the need to build an online platform that educates, engages, and brings artists from different verticals together and also enables Whispering Willows to generate revenues by doing what they love.

Strategic Goals

  • Generate revenues by selling artwork online.
  • Help art enthusiasts create and promote their art pieces online.
  • Build a platform that facilitates online art events and workshops.
  • Bring diverse artists together under one roof and exhibit their craft.


Remodeling and transformation from Conventional to Online

At Biihem DevOps, we collaborated with Whispering Willows’ team to help them innovate and transform from traditional gallery space into an online digital art platform that is all about arts and creativity. Bijhem DevOps developed a website and business development strategy, enabling the gallery to conduct creative art workshops, manage art events, and sell their artwork online, everything through an intuitive, well-designed website.

Keeping in mind the gallery’s business goals, we built an e-commerce art store, allowing them to feature a wide range of items on their newly-built website. They can now display and sell oil paintings, acrylic paintings, fascinating Chickasaw paintings, commissioned industrial portraits, and scenic nature paintings online. We developed a user-friendly website that allows them to upload products and change their details flexibly.

Whispering Willows wanted to provide creative minds a platform to facilitate and encourage arts, reinforce artistic values, and help budding artists learn new crafts. With this in mind, Bijhem DevOps assisted the gallery in setting up online art workshops, including an alcohol ink workshop and a 3D glass oil painting workshop, all on their custom-designed website.

Before this digital transformation, the gallery was hosting events and exhibitions in a big space that was quite costly. With Bijhem DevOps, they were able to cut these costs by building their online presence, setting up an online store, and move into a new gallery space. So far, the life after transformation and remodeling has been exciting, and Whispering Willows is taking good advantage of it.