Del Satterfield’s Sculptures

An Online Sculpture Gallery

Del Satterfield is a renowned sculpture artist in San Antonio, Texas. Before moving to Texas, Del has lived in many towns of south-central New Mexico. Having a natural love for drawing, Del used to spend most of his leisure time drawing and honing his artistic skills.

Del Satterfield is naturally passionate about sculpting and is blessed with a natural talent that is very rare to find. He creates sculptures using age-old wax methods that are absorbing and aesthetically pleasing.

But, he didn’t get any professional arts training. Instead, he identified his natural, God-gifted talent and applied his skills to create unique sculptures. Del began sculpting in 1977 and initially focused on crafting western-themed sculptures.

In 1992, Del finished his first Christian-themed sculpture which he named “Sanctuary”. Since then he has been consistently inspiring and elevating art lovers with his unique and polished artwork.


Del Satterfield was sculpting at his home and didn’t have a gallery to exhibit his sculptures and showcase his talent to art enthusiasts. He has been doing this for so many years but he didn’t quite get the recognition he could get by showing his artwork to a bigger audience. Del also wanted to sell some of his sculptures and was looking for a display gallery. He had no online presence and needed a solid plan to bring his art gallery online.

Strategic Goals

  • Create an online art gallery to display Del’s artwork
  • Give art lovers a glimpse of Del Satterfield’s life and his sculpting mastery
  • Create a display gallery to showcase Del’s sculptures
  • Setting up an online store and make revenue by selling unique art pieces
  • Create a way for art enthusiasts to contact Del Satterfield


Remodeling and transformation from Conventional to Online

Bijhem DevOps interviewed Del Satterfield to learn about his passion and business goals. Del wanted to exhibit his sculpting talent to a wider audience online. So, keeping his goal in mind, we helped him portray his artwork through an online art gallery on his website.

We built Del’s website with a dedicated ‘gallery’ section. Other than that, we created a storefront where he could display and sell his sculptures. Our team focused on creating a clean design with a smooth user experience… enabling prospects to find the piece of art they like from the gallery, read the story behind it, and buy it.

Mr. Satterfield also wanted his bio to be displayed, so we created a separate section for that. Now Del’s website visitors can learn about his story and his passion for sculpting.

Along with these sections, Del wanted to provide art lovers a way to contact him online. So, we created a simple contact form where you can get in touch with Del Satterfield by providing basic contact info.

We also linked Del Satterfield’s Facebook and Instagram Business pages with his website so people could follow him on social media. Mr. Satterfield is satisfied with the results and exposure he has got so far. And we can confidently say he’s happy to work with us.