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A Go-to Place for Authors

Inspired Authors Press is a place where both aspiring and established book writers go when they need help with publishing and more… It’s a platform where book writers become self-published authors.

Mel Cohen founded Inspired Authors Press in 2012 after getting into the publishing world in 2006. Mel believes that writing and publishing a book helps you become an authority in your industry… And it also positions you ahead of your competitors.

Mel wrote and self-published his first book, “The Secret of the Pros: How to become a baseball card dealer” in 1991. Using his commendable book marketing skills, Mel was able to sell more than 25,000 copies of his book. After publishing his first book, Mel gained hands-on practical experience by working on published articles, making major media appearances, and serving as a witness in major lawsuits involving trading card companies.

Since 2006, Mel has been involved in marketing and selling over 2 million books in 50 different languages under 60 licensing agreements. He has now signed a printing contract in the US and some other countries. At IAP, he produces books for all age groups and a variety of genres, including adventure, self-help, comic books, history, business, poetry, and many more.


Mel Cohen has helped many self-published authors with editing, marketing, designing, and publishing their books. Mel is an author himself and knows what makes a book a best-seller. However, he needed a bigger and more visible channel to attract more authors and publishers for IAP. He had a big team of book consultants, proofreaders, designers and had partnerships with small publishers. That’s why they were looking to reach out to a bigger audience and help them with self-publishing their books.

Strategic Goals

  • IAP needed a place where they could show people what they do and how they help.
  • Mel wanted to showcase his own books as well as his achievements for his customers.
  • To gain social proof, Mel wanted to show people his testimonials and success stories.
  • Mel also runs multiple promos for which he needed a dedicated section online.


After having a thorough examination of IAP’s business model, we created a list of strategies to help them gain competitive advantage. Our team at Bijhem DevOps worked closely with Mel and his team to find the best solution for their publishing business.

We began with IAP’s major goals. They were looking for ways to showcase their published books and help aspiring authors. They also wanted to post their testimonials and client success stories online. Along with that, IAP had several promos which they thought would do well online.

Considering IAP’s requirements, we created a roadmap for their digital transformation and helped them gain more visibility in the publishing industry. We achieved this by designing and developing a website that not only tells IAP’s story, but also helps attract budding authors, display their published books, and run different promos online.

Mel and his team are taking full advantage of their business transformation now… They are smoothly selling book publishing, editing, and design services online and generating additional revenue. Bijhem DevOps helped them build a strong digital presence by showing their social proof, and adding a comprehensive list of books on their website.