Using high-tech methods to keep bugs from bugging you!

Founded in 1954, BugMobiles is a family-owned and operated business in Victoria, Texas. The brand expanded to San Antonio in 1981. It was Gary, who in between 1975 and 1980, worked with BugMobiles in Victoria. After that, he started BugMobiles in his home state, San Antonio, in 1981. With his exceptional number of years of experience, Gary is an authority to bug control techniques. His 40 years’ experience has carved him a potential man who is aiming at liberating your life form bugs, pests, bees, rats, and the likes.
BugMobiles offers a free pest and termite inspection throughout San Antonio, the U.S. The brand is providing its services in three different categories: residential pest control, commercial pest control, and termite pest control. Besides, BugMobiles offers bee removal and rodent control facility or service employing sustainable and advanced technological usage.


  • BugMobiles wanted to grow its sales and improve its bottom-line.
  • They wanted to have a competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • Gary wanted to explore new marketing mediums for BugMobiles.
  • They wanted to have a digital presence for increased reach and more traffic.


Remodeling and transformation from Conventional to Online

BugMobiles is an old family-owned and operated business that has been in the market for decades. Till now, they have been operating as a brick-and-mortar business and had none or least exposure to selling online and getting appointments through a website. They had never tested online marketing and had no expertise in that.
Bijhem DevOps partnered with Gary and his team and discussed their requirements in detail. After spending a couple of days understanding their situation, we knew exactly what they needed to get more sales and gain a competitive advantage. We worked by their side and designed a responsive, informational, and cool-looking website for them. We added different sections to the website to showcase their history and the different services they provide. We also featured Gary and his expertise along with customer testimonials to show how committed Gary and his team are. Moreover, we used ‘see us in action’ section that shows the pictures of Gary and his team working on different projects.
Customers can now book appointments by either calling at the provided number or by sending an email at the given email address. They can also send a message directly to the website and get a free quote just by telling their requirements, using a short contact form incorporated in the website. So far, BugMobiles is enjoying their digital ride and have gained a competitive edge they once planned for.