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We are Bijhem DevOps.

We’re a digital marketing and branding firm based in San Antonio. We provide world-class design, marketing, and branding solutions.

who we are

Bijhem DevOps is a digital marketing and Branding firm providing a wide spectrum of services to small and medium businesses. We blend a strong mix of Digital marketing strategies and the latest technologies to position your brand as an authority.

Strong brands are driven by a futuristic vision and have a compelling story. And when your story is brought to life, it not only grows your bottom line but also fosters growth.

We specialize in web and graphic design, branding, social media management, social media consultancy, marketing consultancy, and web and mobile app development. Our experts understand what your business needs to thrive in the digital space and create the impact that you desire for your brand.

We help you bring your idea to life in the best way possible. Having a team of seasoned marketers and designers, we’re a one-stop solution for all your branding and design needs.

Helping you scale your business around the globe with a delightful customer experience and unique branding is what we’re all about. Unlike average branding agencies, our customer-centric approach drives us to think differently and creatively.

Meet Our CEO & Creative Director – Hema Mathew

Hema Mathew is the most significant personality in Bijhem DevOps. As a creative director, she thinks differently to build successful marketing campaigns and help her clients crush the competition. She leads her team to create designs that people love. 

Hema has a strong academic and professional background in Internet Technology and Web Development… Leading a team of web and mobile app developers and manages the entire development process from planning to testing. 

Hema knows that a mobile and web app should be responsive, fast, and reliable. That’s why, she works with her team of  expert visual designers, full-stack developers, and UX engineers to develop apps that are interactive, multi-functional, and time-efficient.

She has worked with numerous businesses and helped them save time, automate processes, and improve business performance… All this and more leveraging her comprehensive web and mobile app development experience.  

And not only that, but she also boasts professional experience building brands and managing their marketing campaigns. 

Along with branding and design, Hema is also well versed in Social Media Marketing and SEO. She’s specialized in marketing, development, design, and branding… And she has a decade’s worth of experience managing all these projects.

Hema follows a client-first approach and offers tailored solutions for unique client problems. She personally gets involved in every project and ensures seamless project management from idea to execution. 

Bringing small businesses to the online world and helping them find their unique brand identity is what Hema loves the most. 


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Like most artist’s nowadays I need a website that is easy to navigate and easy to understand for
any potential client. Choosing Hema to help me with this was one of the best decisions I’ve
made. An even better decision was to have her help me market my work. Because of Hema’s
creative ideas and fearless approach to marketing my work is now known internationally.
Several large scale projects are currently in the works here in the U.S. and oversea’s in places I
would never have imagined without Hema.
Not only is she a great web designer and bold marketer she is a wonderful person to know. I
am always uplifted and encouraged when she and I talk.
With my whole heart I endorse Hema as a dedicated and very skilled web designer, marketer
and encouraging life coach.
Todd Jenkins
Metal Artist
Norman, Oklahoma, USA

I’m glad to have the opportunity to express my recommendation for my colleague and dear friend, Hema Mathew owner of Bijhem Dev Ops LLC. I have known and been a client of Hema’s for almost a year now and I am very pleased to say that I have always found her character impeccable, her personality cheerful and optimistic, and her marketing advice to be spot on and timely. She has also shown great determination in her pursuit of furthering my business through digital marketing as well as personal sales applications. Hema has passed along to me this advice; Never pass up an opportunity to give your business a plug, so feel free to check out some of the work that Hema has done in creating my IN HIS HANDS by Del, LLC website by visiting www.inhishandsbydel.com. in closing, I cannot recommend Hema highly enough.

Thank you,
Del Satterfield

Hema Mathew

Hema Mathew has been my Art Business promotional agent for several years, and she has done a superb job. She knows the ins and outs of advertising, building and maintaining web pages, and developing other promotional ideas, as well as tapping into valuable contacts in almost every field who willingly share ideas. She is meticulous, energetic, and knowledgeable.

Rev. Dr. Peggy D. Farris, Artist/Gallery owner